SANPAOTAI - Friendship Tea

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We combine pu-erh tuo cha with pitted dried red date (jujube), dried longan fruit (guiyuan), organic dried goji berries (or dried Ningxia wolfberries, depending on supply) and crystal sugar to make a tea that we hope will nourish your body and mind and will help with your digestive system and detoxification. Small Box has 3 individual packages each, and Large Box has 6. Each individual package inside the box can be made into tea enough for 4-8 persons.

  • Jujube - contains 20 times more vitamin C than any citrus fruit, is believed to strengthen the immune system and to fight infections, which may be why it has been used medicinally for millennia in many cultures.
  • Guiyuan - contains several vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium, and large amounts of vitamins A and C. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is considered to have warm energy, and is associated with the heart and spleen meridians. 
  • Goji Berry/Ningxia Wolfberry - is believed to help promote healthy skin, boost the immune system, protect the eyes, support the liver and kidneys, help manage weight and regulate digestive tract. It is also believed to be an excellent source of vitamin C and can reduce tough cold symptoms.

Though traditionally tea must be prepared using a gaiwan ("covered bowl" with lid, cup and saucer) to be called sanpaotai tea, we are more focus on the essence of sanpaotai tea than the way it is served. You should feel free to enjoy this delicious and health-oriented tea using whatever teaware that you have at home.

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Brewing Suggestions:

  • Each individual package inside the box can be made into tea enough for 4-8 persons.
  • Put dried ingredients into a sanpaotai, teapot or teacup and pour in hot water of about 212ºF (boiling).
  • [Traditionally the first brew should be poured out quickly. Its purpose is to rinse the ingredients and to wake up their flavors. If you are following this step, please make sure to add the sugar only after the first brew is poured out.]
  • For the (second to-be-drunk) brew, let the tea sip for about 5-10 minutes. The fun thing about drinking sanpaotai tea is that the tea tasted differently at different time intervals as each ingredient gradually releases its flavor.


NOTE: Though this health-nourishing tea is generally suitable for everyone, if you are taking blood thinners, diabetes drugs or other medications, please consult your physician before drinking it.