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Hot Tea Steeping Guideline
Tea Type Temperature Steep Time
White Tea 175-185°F (79.4-85°C) 3-4 minutes
Japanese Green Tea 160-175°F (71.1-79.4°C) 1-2 minutes
Chinese Green Tea 170-180°F (76.7-82.2°C) 1-3 minutes
Yellow Tea 175-185°F (79.4-85°C) 1-3 minutes
Oolong Tea 175-195°F (79.4-90.6°C) 3-5 minutes
Darjeeling Tea 190-195°F (87.8-90.6°C) 3 minutes
Black Tea 201-210°F (96.1-98.9°C) 3-5 minutes
Pu-erh/Dark Tea 201-210°F (96.1-98.9°C) 3-5 minutes
Herbal Tisane 201-210°F (96.1-98.9°C) 5-6 minutes
Rooibos 201-210°F (96.1-98.9°C) 5-20 minutes
Yerba Maté 201-210°F (96.1-98.9°C) 5-6 minutes