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"Tree of Life" Tea Set

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This handmade porcelain tea set was inspired by and created carefully with the special technology of Ru ware. Ru ware, from the Ru kilns, is a famous and rare variety of chinaware of the Song Dynasty, commissioned for the imperial court. Ru ware is distinguished by its unique blue-gray color and the unique "crackle" in the glaze. The beautiful and irregular shape of the "crackle" makes  every tea set one of a kind.

Dimensions: Teapot Size-12.5x8.5cm (approx. 5"x3.35"), Capacity-200ml; Tea Cup Size-6x3cm (approx. 2.4"x1.2"), Capacity-45ml.

Set Includes: 1 Teapot, 2 Tea Cups, 1 Travel Bag.