Yi Wu Manxiu Ancient Tree Pu-erh - 70g (bag)

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Yi Wu Mountain is famous for its pu-erh tea. Manxiu, a village around Yi Mu Mountain, has a long history of tea production. The tea in Manxiu Village is very typical of the Yi Wu style. The tea leaves, hand-processed by local tea farmers, are black, bright and bold. The tea liquor is golden yellow with strong and pleasant aroma. The taste is delicate, soft and not weak. 

There have been studies linking pu-erh tea to the reduction of cholesterol level. It is also known for its benefit in aiding digestion.


Steeping Suggestions:

Leaf Quantity—2¼ g/cup
Water Temp—194ºF 
Steep Time—2-3 mins.

(Over brewing this tea may lead to a bitter taste.)